Radiation Oncology

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Poster No.: P-128

Title: Spatial fractionation of the dose in charged particle therapy: dosimetry evaluations 

Main author: González, W

Keywords: MBRT, Hadrons, mini beams

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Poster No.: P-130

Title: Calibration  of Gamma Knife Perfexion Using The New IAEA_AAPM Code of Practice for The Dosimetery of Small Static Photon Field 

Main author: Adili, Marouf

Keywords: Dosimetry, Gamma Knife, Small Field, IAEA-AAPM

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Poster No.: P-132

Title: Robust proton CSI Planning in ProteusONE 

Main author: Oliver, L.

Keywords: CSI, Protontherapy, Robust planning

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Poster No.: P-133


Main author: Zaila

Keywords: Brachytherapy QC, Dosimetry

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Poster No.: P-134

Title: Validation of the SunNuclear ArcCheck diode array for the Patient specific Quality Assurance (PsQA) in Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy Treatment (SBRT) delivered with VMAT 

Main author: Vigna, L

Keywords: quality assurance, dosimetry, instrumentation

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Poster No.: P-135

Title: Should there be more optimization of cone beam CT imaging used with image guided radiotherapy 

Main author: Martin C. J.

Keywords: CBCT dosimetry

Poster No.: P-136

Title: The correlation of infrared reflecting marker movement and lung expansion with deep inspiration breath-hold technique for left-sided breast cancer radiotherapy 

Main author: Hsin-Hua Nien

Keywords: motion, dose planning

Poster No.: P-137

Title: Joint estimation of radiation-induced late toxicity and cancer recurrence risks for bilateral breast cancer after photon versus spot-scanning proton therapy 

Main author: Stick, L. B.

Keywords: Proton therapy, breast cancer, dose planning, modelling, radiation-induced late effects

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Poster No.: P-138

Title: The Dosimetric impact of breast tissue expander with metallic ports in helical tomotherapy: a rando-phantom study 

Main author: Hsing-Yi Lee

Keywords: Tissue expander, TE, tomotherapy, PMRT

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Poster No.: P-139

Title: Indication of accurate gold fiducial marker identification in a prostate MRI only radiotherapy workflow using C-arm X-ray imaging 

Main author: Gustafsson. C

Keywords: quality assurance, MRI only, MRI, fiducial

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Poster No.: P-140

Title: Flattening filter-free radiotherapy for paediatric brain cancer: Impact on the dose to selected out-of-field organs 

Main author: Beierholm, A.R.

Keywords: dosimetry, radiotherapy, flattening filter-free, out-of-field dose

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Poster No.: P-142

Title: Interpretation of radiation risks from low dose diagnostic scans 

Main author: Walsh C.

Keywords: Risk, Radiation Protection

Poster No.: P-143

Title: Quality assurance of TomoEDGE Dynamic jaws: a retrospective analysis with the statistical control charts approach. 

Main author: Vite C.

Keywords: quality assurance

Poster No.: P-145

Title: Evaluation of the angular accuracy influence over Octavius4D results for VMATpre-treatment QA 

Main author: Ramirez, A.

Keywords: quality assurance, VMAT, pre-treatment QA, dosimetry

Poster No.: P-148

Title: Evaluation of Delta4 phantom's spatial sensitivity 

Main author: Armpilia, C

Keywords: radiotherapy, treatment plan verification

Poster No.: P-149

Title: Beam profile characteristic points designation for off-axis, wedged and FFF beams 

Main author: Wendykier, J.

Keywords: dosimetry, dose planning

Poster No.: P-150

Title: Air density dependence of the response of the PTW SourceCheck 4pi ionization chamber to Pd-103 brachytherapy sources 

Main author: Forastero, C

Keywords: Brachytherapy Low-energy sources Ionization chamber Air density dependence PTW SourceCheck 4pi

Poster No.: P-151

Title: Implementation of advanced techniques in radiotherapy and comparison to standard 3DCRT plans- initial institutional experience 

Main author: Petrovic B

Keywords: radiotherapy, treatment planning, VMAT

Poster No.: P-153

Title: A Comparison of Different Dosimetry Systems for Surface and Buildup Region Dose Measurements 

Main author: Akbas, U.

Keywords: Surface Dose, Markus chamber, TLD, OSL, TPS

Poster No.: P-154

Title: Investigation of In-Vivo Dosimetry for Deep Inspiration Breath-Hold Technique in Breast Cancer Radiotherapy 

Main author: Donmez Kesen N.

Keywords: Breast Cancer, In-vivo Dozimetry, Breath-Hold Technique

Poster No.: P-155

Title: Exposure levels from CT scanning for treatment planning in radiotherapy 

Main author: Weber, L

Keywords: Radiotherapy, Treatment planning, CT, Radiation exposure

Poster No.: P-159

Title: Design and application of a metric to perform routinely quality assurance of dose plans 

Main author: Fernandez, I.

Keywords: dosimetry, dose planning, radiobiology, index

Poster No.: P-160

Title: From Anisotropical Analytical Algorithm to Acuros XB: clinical implications in VMAT technique for lung, head&neck and prostate treatments 

Main author: Aparicio, A.

Keywords: dose planning, treatment, calculation algorithm, comparison

Poster No.: P-162

Title: Postal TLD dosimetry audits in radiotherapy in Poland - results of 2017 

Main author: W. Slusarczyk-Kacprzyk

Keywords: TLD, audit

Poster No.: P-163

Title: Dosimetric effects from high density markers for prostate cancer treatments 

Main author: Krantz, M

Keywords: VMAT, Monte Carlo, Radiotherapy

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Poster No.: P-164

Title: Dosimetric Comparison between CyberKnife and VMAT treatment plans for radiosurgery 

Main author: Alba Díaz-Martín

Keywords: radio surgery, cyberknife, vmat

Poster No.: P-165

Title: Dosimetric Comparison between CyberKnife and VMAT treatment plans for radiosurgery 

Main author: Monti A F

Keywords: dose planning, modelling, SBRT

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Poster No.: P-166

Title: Analysis of dose distribution in HDR endobronchial brachytherapy in 2D and 3D methods with the use of three-dimensional images 

Main author: Sawicki, M.

Keywords: brachytherapy

Poster No.: P-168

Title: Volumetric modulated arc therapy using multi-criteria dose plan optimization for anal cancer - feasibility of selective sparing of organs at risk 

Main author: Rønde, H.S.

Keywords: MCO, VMAT, Treatment planning, Anal cancer

Poster No.: P-169

Title: Can lead shielding during paediatric brain radiotherapy reduce the risk of secondary cancer? 

Main author: Nygaard, D.E.

Keywords: dosimetry, radiotherapy, out-of-field dose, secondary cancer

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Poster No.: P-170

Title: Influence of detector selection for VMAT patient QA on a gamma analysis result 

Main author: Attila Sarvari

Keywords: quality assurance, radiotherapy, dosimetry, gamma analysis, patient QA

Poster No.: P-171

Title: Quality control measurements for head and neck cancer patients with SHANE phantom 

Main author: Melles-Bencsik, B

Keywords: quality control, dose planning, dosimetry

Poster No.: P-172

Title: Establishment and transfer of a primary dosimetry standard for breast cancer IORT using the INTRABEAM(R) system 

Main author: Aubineau-Laniece, I.

Keywords: Primary standard, Electronic brachytherapy, Absorbed dose to water, Dose traceability, Free-air-chamber, Intraoperative radiation therapy breast cancer

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Poster No.: P-173

Title: Proposal of a comprehensive pre-treatment QA procedure in IMRT/VMAT techniques  

Main author: Alhazmi, A.

Keywords: Quality assurance, VMAT, dosimetry, dose calculation

Poster No.: P-174

Title: Study for the amendment of sensitivity quenching in carbon-ion dose images acquired with Gafchromic films 

Main author: Gambarini, G.

Keywords: hadrons, dosimetry

Poster No.: P-175

Title: Simultaneous boost in breast radiotherapy requires increased margins or revised match strategy 

Main author: Gottlieb, K.L.

Keywords: imaging, CBCT, Breastcancer

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Poster No.: P-176

Title: Evaluating automatic contour propagation for estimating tumour shrinkage in small-cell lung cancer patients treated with chemo-radiotherapy  

Main author: McWilliam, A

Keywords: SCLC, radiotherapy, tumour shrinkage, auto contour propagation

Poster No.: P-177

Title: 3D Rapid manufacturing bolus VS commercial bolus - skin dose comparison 

Main author: Dias, A.G.

Keywords: customized bolus, 3D rapid manufacturing, breast external beam radiotherapy, In vivo measurements

Poster No.: P-178

Title: Dosimetric Evaluation of DIBH and FB Techniques by Using VMAT for Left Breast Cancer 

Main author: bora tas

Keywords: VMAT Breast RT, DIBH RT

Poster No.: P-179

Title: Small field correction factors determination for the IBA RAZOR Nano Chamber and the IBA RAZOR Chamber 

Main author: Girardi, A.

Keywords: small fields, dosimetry, quality assurance

Poster No.: P-180

Title: RECORDS: Guidelines for Publication of Monte Carlo Studies 

Main author: Sechopoulos, I.

Keywords: Monte Carlo, simulations, higher learning

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Poster No.: P-181

Title: Establishing margins from clinical to planning target volume for low-risk prostate cancer radiotherapy: a multi institutional study 

Main author: Kolarevic Goran

Keywords: prostate cancer, CTV-PTV margins, SetUp error, Organ motion error, IGRT

Poster No.: P-182

Title: Dosimetric study of radioactive esophageal stents for the treatment of advanced esophageal cancer

Main author: Rafiepour, P.

Keywords: -

Poster No.: P-183

Title: Replacement of EPID-based patient-specific QA by treatment analysis software 

Main author: Lars Hjorth Praestegaard

Keywords: Quality assurance, Dose planning, Modelling, Treatment

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Poster No.: P-184


Main author: Forner, A.


Poster No.: P-185

Title: Comparison of two inverse planing algorithms HIPO and IPSA in terms of their suitability for breast brachytherapy planning 

Main author: Dymnicka M.

Keywords: brachytherapy, inverse optimization, treatment planning, breast cancer, dose planning

Poster No.: P-186

Title: A superior alternative to the conventional Varian two-marker RPM(TM) box for respiration monitoring 

Main author: Damkjær, S

Keywords: Motion management, RPM system, Surface dose, breast cancer, radiotherapy

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Poster No.: P-187

Title: A crowd-knowledge-based analysis of DVHs in SBRT: first steps towards a national virtual audit 

Main author: Savini A.

Keywords: dose planning, database

Poster No.: P-190

Title: Investigation of beam quality correction factors for flattening filter free photon beams 

Main author: Dalaryd, M

Keywords: dosimetry

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Poster No.: P-193

Title: Improved method for in vivo dosimetry in pelvic intra-operative radiation therapy using Gafchromic films and customized digitization templates 

Main author: Sarmento, S.

Keywords: Gafchromic® EBT3, in vivo dosimetry, Intra-Operative Electron Radiation Therapy, digitization, uncertainties

Poster No.: P-194

Title: Breast cancer radiosurgery with a synchrotron radiation beam 

Main author: Russo, P

Keywords: Breast, dosimetry, radiosurgery

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Poster No.: P-197

Title: Measurement of neutron-induced radioactivity in animal tissue 

Main author: Sękowski, P.

Keywords: hadrons, radiation exposure, treatment

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Poster No.: P-198

Title: Cone beam CT as a clinical QA tool for prostate MRI-only workflows 

Main author: Persson, E

Keywords: MRI, treatment planning, MRI-only, CBCT, synthetic CT

Poster No.: P-200

Title: Deformable Image Registration performances in Head and Neck patients: impact of daily imaging quality 

Main author: Fusella, M

Keywords: CBCT, imaging, deformable image registration

Poster No.: P-201

Title: Metal artifact management in volumetric modulated arc therapy for head and neck treatment 

Main author: Ardu, V.

Keywords: dose planning, VMAT, radiotherapy , artifact, Acuros

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Poster No.: P-202

Title: No improvement in kV-MV based setup for breast radiotherapy with optical surface guided correction of arm posture 

Main author: Behrens CF

Keywords: Breast, motion management, IGRT, treatment

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Poster No.: P-203

Title: WEPL-corrected margins for moving targets in carbon-ion gated treatments: preliminary results 

Main author: Meschini, G

Keywords: carbon ion, gating, dose planning, motion, pancreas

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Poster No.: P-204

Title: Proton pencil beam scanning with motion emulated as spot shifts: dose reconstruction for lung cancer 

Main author: Damkjær, S

Keywords: Proton pencil beam scanning, motion, lung cancer, deformable registration, radiotherapy

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Poster No.: P-206

Title: Gafchromic and Alanine Detectors for Verification of Field Junctions in Craniospinal Proton Irradiation 

Main author: Krzempek, D.

Keywords: dosimetry, hadrons, treatment, radioteraphy, gafchromic, ebt3, alanine, medulloblastoma, proton

Poster No.: P-207

Title: Star-shot analysis of radiation isocenter wobble: Quality control of quality control tools 

Main author: Peterlin, P.

Keywords: quality control, isocenter, starshot, DICOM, python, pylinac

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Poster No.: P-208

Title: Geometric and dosimetric comparison of four intrafraction motion adaptation strategies for stereotactic liver radiotherapy 

Main author: Poulsen, P

Keywords: Liver SBRT; motion

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Poster No.: P-209

Title: Determination of the relative dose distribution around an INTRABEAM electronic brachytherapy source using Fricke gel dosimetry 

Main author: Stien, C.

Keywords: Dosimetry gel, Electronic Brachytherapy, Fricke gel, Dose distribution

Poster No.: P-210

Title: Track structure-based corrections for ionization quenching in scintillators exposed to ions 

Main author: Christensen, JB

Keywords: Hadrons, dosimetry, scintillators

Poster No.: P-213

Title: Influence of beam spoiler and air gap on dose distribution in build-up region for X6 MV static field 

Main author: Dabrowska-Szewczyk, E.

Keywords: dosimetry

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Poster No.: P-214

Title: Dosimetry check for VMAT treatments with overlapping arcs. 

Main author: Martínez, D.

Keywords: Arc Therapy, VMAT, Quality Assurance, Dosimetry

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Poster No.: P-215

Title: Quality assurance of MLC using a software for automated quality control and an electronic portal device 

Main author: Szweda, H.

Keywords: quality assurance, MLC, imaging

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Poster No.: P-216

Title: Dosimetric study of several beta-emitting ophtalmic plaques with different plaque materials, by Monte Carlo simulation

Main author: Arjmand, M.

Keywords: -

Poster No.: P-218

Title: Effect of flattening filter mounting surface position in Monte Carlo model of linear accelerators 

Main author: Sibolt, P.

Keywords: Monte Carlo, Dose calculations, Dosimetry, Flattening filter

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Poster No.: P-219

Title: Analysis of the dose-rate dependence of the ArcCHECK device 

Main author: Miguel Jiménez-Melguizo

Keywords: Quality assurance, dosimetry, radiotherapy

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Poster No.: P-220

Title: DVH-Based Stereotactic Plan QA Using Dolphin Detector 

Main author: ismail faruk durmus

Keywords: Patient QA, DVH-Based QA, Dolphin

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Poster No.: P-222

Title: Assesing the Dosimetric Accuracy of TBI Treatment with VMAT Technique 

Main author: bora tas

Keywords: TBI, VMAT

Poster No.: P-223

Title: Treatment Planing in Brachytherapy HDR Based on Three-Demensional Images 

Main author: Sawicki, M.

Keywords: brachytherapy

Poster No.: P-224

Title: Analytical anisotropic algorithm vs Acuros algorithm comparison 

Main author: V.de la Llana

Keywords: Dosimetric algorithm

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Poster No.: P-229

Title: New radiotherapy approach for simultaneous breast-nodes cancer treatment: Comparison between 3D and IMRT techniques 



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Poster No.: P-232

Title: Deformable image registration for CT-images of the thorax region 

Main author: Sarudis S

Keywords: Deformable Image Registration, Breathing motion, Adaptive radiotherapy

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Poster No.: P-233

Title: Investigation of the response of cylindrical ionization chamber in non-reference conditions when using high-energy photon beams 

Main author: R. Chakarova

Keywords: Ionization chamber dosimetry, non-reference conditions, Monte Carlo simulations, radiotherapy

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Poster No.: P-234

Title: Waiting and treatment time analysis for radiation therapy treatments 

Main author: Ambroa, E.

Keywords: -

Poster No.: P-236

Title: Rapid Arc versus a new Sectorial Sliding Window IMRT template in radiotherapy brain treatments: lens sparing 

Main author: CORNACCHIA

Keywords: radiation induced cataract,lens dose limit, IMRT, glioblastoma

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Poster No.: P-238

Title: Dosimetric evaluation of deformable image registration error using 4DCT-MRI datasets 

Main author: Zhang, Ye

Keywords: deformable registration, PBS proton therapy, 4D dose calculation, 4DMRI

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Poster No.: P-240

Title: Pre study for MRI Linac: interfractional anatomical and dosimetric changes based on CBCT images for rectal cancer 

Main author: Lucie Calmels

Keywords: MRI Linac, rectum cancer, deformable image registration, CBCT, interfraction change, retrospective study

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Poster No.: P-241


Main author: Kandemir, R.

Keywords: Brachytherapy

Poster No.: P-244

Title: Accuracy of CT numbers obtained by DIRA and Monoenergetic Plus algorithms in quantitative dual-energy computed tomography 

Main author: Magnusson, M.

Keywords: dual-energy CT, dose planning

Poster No.: P-245

Title: Retrospective analysys of volumetric modulated arc therapy treatments: correlation between plans complexity and dosimetric accuracy 

Main author: L.Bernardi

Keywords: Radiotherapy; VMAT; complexity index

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Poster No.: P-249

Title: Influence of gamma index comparison on differences in dose calculation algorithm deposition method 

Main author: Giakoumakis Nikolaos

Keywords: Radiotherapy, Dosimetry, VMAT, Dose to water, Dose to medium, Collapsed Cone, XVMC, gamma index, TG-218, Patient specific QA

Poster No.: P-250

Title: National survey of kilovoltage radiotherapy equipment in Denmark 

Main author: Thing, RS

Keywords: Kilovoltage radiotherapy, National survey, quality assurance, treatment

Poster No.: P-251

Title: Dosimetric Impact of Intermediate Dose Calculation on Heterogeneous Region Radiotherapy Planning 

Main author: Akbas, U.

Keywords: TPS, Heterogeneous Region, Intermediate dose calculation

Poster No.: P-252

Title: Energy calibration of semi-conductor detectors for computed tomography 

Main author: Rosendahl, S

Keywords: dosimetry, intrumentation, CT

Poster No.: P-254

Title: Local gamma index analysis - new approach 

Main author: Tabor Z.

Keywords:  radiotherapy, gamma index, quality assurance, dosimetry, evaluation of treatment plans, dose distribution

Poster No.: P-255

Title: Comparison of FinF and VMAT Plans Prepared Using Breath-Hold Technique in Early Stage Left Breast Irradiation 

Main author: Donmez Kesen N.

Keywords: VMAT, FinF Technique, Breast Cancer, Breath-Hold Technique

Poster No.: P-256

Title: The Effect of Different Breathing Stages on Treatment Plans Prepared Using VMAT Technique in Early Stage Left Breast Irradiation 

Main author: Donmez Kesen N.

Keywords: Breast Cancer, Breath-Hold RT Technique, Free Breathing, VMAT

Poster No.: P-257

Title: Feasibility planning study to improve local control for muscle-invasive bladder cancer using theragnostic imaging and isotoxic dose escalation 

Main author: Rogers, J. A.

Keywords: DW-MRI, theragnostic imaging, MIBC, BART, dose escalation

Poster No.: P-258

Title: Optical absorbance properties of PVA-GTA Fricke gel dosimeters irradiated with 6 MV and 15 MV X-rays 

Main author: Artuso, E.

Keywords: Dosimetry, Fricke gel, Optical absorbance, Clinical photon beams, Tissue equivalence

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Poster No.: P-259

Title: Radiobiological method for the clinical validation of models dose-to-water versus dose-to-meduim in radiotherapy 

Main author: Abdulhamid chaikh

Keywords: radiobiology modelling

Poster No.: P-260

Title: Evaluation of cardiac dose after breast irradiation 

Main author: Erato Stylianou Markidou

Keywords: Dose,planning,treatment

Poster No.: P-261

Title: Image Quality Assessment of Filtered Dual Energy Cone Beam CT for Radiotherapy 

Main author: Skaarup, M.

Keywords: Dual energy, CBCT, Imaging, Image guidance, Radiotherapy

Poster No.: P-262


Main author: Suphaphong, S.

Keywords: DIR, Adaptive planning

Poster No.: P-263

Title: Monte Carlo study of unflattened versus flattened 18 MV photon beam from medical linear accelerator as photoneutron source for BNCT applications 

Main author: Suliman, I.I.

Keywords: Monte Carlo, Photon beam characteristics, Medical Linac, BNCT

Poster No.: P-264

Title: Time resolved dose rate distributions in radiosurgery and their impact on biological effectiveness of treatment 

Main author: Peppa, V

Keywords: time resolved dose rate distributions, radiosurgery, radiobiology, BED, treatment outcome

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Poster No.: P-265

Title: Small Field Dosimetry comparison of 6MV beam profiles aquired with DiodeSRS vs 0.125cc Ionization Chamber 

Main author: Joana Vale

Keywords: quality assurance, small fields, dose profiles

Poster No.: P-266

Title: Patient-optimized deep learning for robust tumor tracking 

Main author: Terunuma, T

Keywords: motion, IGRT, tracking

Poster No.: P-268

Title: Monte Carlo Study of photoneutrons from flattened filter free medical linear accelerator for BNCT applications 

Main author: Suliman, I.I.

Keywords: Monte Carlo, Photoneutrons, Flattening filter free (FFF) Linac, BNCT

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Poster No.: P-269

Title: Absorbed dose calculation based on CBCT data for head and neck cancer patients.  

Main author: Palmér, E.

Keywords: Quality Assurance, CBCT, CT, MRI

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Poster No.: P-270

Title: A novel methodology to differentiate shrinkage versus erosion in CBCT images of lung tumours 

Main author: Aznar, M

Keywords: lung cancer, CBCT, radiomics

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Poster No.: P-271

Title: Impact of fractionation on the correlation between thermal imaging and dosimetric data in breast cancer radiotherapy. 

Main author: Dahbi, Z

Keywords: technology, imaging

Poster No.: P-273

Title: Establishing useful clinical guiding values for conformity indexes in pelvic VMAT-treatment using retrospective clinical data

Main author: Scherman Rydhög, Jonas

Keywords: PCI, VMAT, conformity index, database

Poster No.: P-274

Title: A Failure Mode and Effect Analysis of deep inspiration breath-hold for left-sided breast cancer radiation therapy 

Main author: Jaros, D.

Keywords: FMEA, Deep inspiration breath-hold, quality assurance, risk management

Poster No.: P-275

Title: Comparison of 3D surface scan system and ConeBeamCT in daily patient positioning for breast radiotherapy 

Main author: ismail faruk durmus

Keywords: SGRT, Surface Guide, CBCT

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Poster No.: P-276

Title: Impact on proton range estimates using a novel MR-based artifact reduction algorithm 

Main author: Nielsen, J. S.

Keywords: proton radiotherapy, CT metal artifact reduction, dose planning, bayesian modelling.

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Poster No.: P-277

Title: Investigation of mean heart dose reduction inter-fraction variation in left-sided breast cancer radiotherapy using active breath coordinator moderate deep inspiration breath hold 

Main author: Paraskevopoulou Chryssa

Keywords: DIBH, heart dose, left breast, ABC

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Poster No.: P-278

Title: The use of flattening filter free irradiation mode in normo-fractionated treatments 

Main author: Dobler, B

Keywords: Flattening Filter Free, teletherapy, radiation induced second cancer risk

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Poster No.: P-279

Title: Inter- and Intra-Fraction Tumor Motion in Lung SBRT 

Main author: ismail faruk durmus

Keywords: Inter-fraction Guide, Intra-fraction Guide

Poster No.: P-280

Title: Comparison of two stereotactic body radiotherapy techniques for the treatment of prostate cancer 

Main author: Koksal, C.

Keywords: CyberKnife, VMAT, prostate

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Poster No.: P-284

Title: Dosimetry audits in Radiotherapy: 15 years of experience and lessons learnt 

Main author: Zourari, K.

Keywords: radiotherapy, dosimetry, quality assurance

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Poster No.: P-286

Title: Study on semi-automatically evaluated micronucleus frequency changes in patients with prostate adenocarcinoma undergoing low and high dose rate brachytherapy  

Main author: Hulber, T

Keywords: radiobiology, micronucleus, prostate

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Poster No.: P-287

Title: Investigation of radiation induced mitotic arrest in irradiated cells 

Main author: Adliene, D.

Keywords: radiotherapy, X-rays, cells, mitotic arrest

Poster No.: P-288

Title: Use of organic plastic scintillators for determination of the beam quality correction factor for flattening filter free photon beams. 

Main author: Grichar Valdes Santurio

Keywords: Beam quality correction factors, Flattening filter free, ionization quenching

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Poster No.: P-290

Title: Radiotherapy risk analysis from incidence reports at a national level 

Main author: Spejlborg, H

Keywords: Risk Management

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Poster No.: P-291

Title: Comparison of beam model implementation methods for commissioning of Monte Carlo code in proton beam therapy centre 

Main author: Garbacz, M.

Keywords: dose planning, treatment, Monte Carlo simulation

Poster No.: P-292

Title: Dosimetric verification and clinical evaluation of PRIMO as an independent Monte-Carlo-based dose verification tool 

Main author: Berthes, S.

Keywords: dosimetry, Monte-Carlo, IMRT verification

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Poster No.: P-293

Title: Comperative Dosimetric Analysis of Radiotherapy Rectal Cancer for two Different Techniques 

Main author: Softa, V.

Keywords: Radiotherapy, Rectal cancer, bladder, 3D Conformal, field in a field, wedges

Poster No.: P-296

Title: Use of statistical interference for tolerance determination in dose measurements 

Main author: Koniarova, I.

Keywords: Radiotherapy, statistics, dose measurement, tolerance

Poster No.: P-297

Title: Identifying best practice through the unification of guidelines for patient preparation, immobilization and imaging in four radiotherapy centers in two countries 

Main author: Dawid Dybionka

Keywords: Radiotherapy

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Poster No.: P-298

Title: The influence of variations of the beam quality for high energy photon beams on tissue inhomogeneity correction factors for radiotherapy treatment plans

Main author: Kukołowicz, P. F.

Keywords: dosimetry, inhomogeneity correction factors, quality index, AAA