Radiation Protection

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Poster No.: P-100

Title: Calculations of dosimetric parameters from depth dose curve of electron beams, using Radiophotoluminescent and Thermoluminescent dosimeters 

Main author: Benali, A-H

Keywords: RPL-GD, TLD-100, PDD curve, range, energy specification

Poster No.: P-104

Title: Digital radiography reject analysis in Dutch hospitals 

Main author: Bijwaard, H

Keywords: radiography, imaging, reject analysis

Poster No.: P-105

Title: A Theoretical Assesment of Patient induced Radioactive Waste, Excreted through the Sewers from a Department of Nuclear Medicine. 

Main author: Micheelsen, M.A.

Keywords: risk management, radiation exposure, radiation contamination, holding tanks, radioactive waste, patient excretion, environment, sewage, ICRP, kinetic models, predictive models

Poster No.: P-106

Title: CT dose distribution of 10 cm (infants) and 16 cm (adults) by a head CT phantom 

Main author: Atsushi Noguchi

Keywords: CT, radiation exposure

Poster No.: P-107

Title: Risk management of the radiation-induced cataract 

Main author: Ana Dolcet Llerena

Keywords: occupational, dosimetry, eye-lens, crystalline, interventional, radiology, radiation exposure, radiation protection, dose limit

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Poster No.: P-108

Title: Radiation safety after 177Lu-DOTA-TATE therapy for neuroendocrine tumors 

Main author: Marti-Climent, J

Keywords: Lu-177, radiation protection, nuclear medicine

Poster No.: P-111

Title: Eye lens exposure to ionising radiation in personnel of a nuclear medicine department. 

Main author: Piwowarska-Bilska, H

Keywords: radiation exposure, radiation protection

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Poster No.: P-115

Title: I-131 Patient release criteria based on dose rate measurements at the Bank of Cyprus Oncology Centre Cyprus (BOCOC) 

Main author: Michael, K

Keywords: I-131, ablation, dose rates

Poster No.: P-116

Title: Transition of the patient dose by the diagnostic X-ray examinations in the area of the local-area survey by the novel patient dose calculation system 

Main author: Sato,H

Keywords: radiation exposure

Poster No.: P-117

Title: Dose Estimation of Eye Lens for Pediatric Inner Ear X-ray Diagnosis

Main author: Nakajima.E

Keywords: dosimetry

Poster No.: P-119

Title: Dosimetric measurements of the personnel in children's nuclear medicine unit 

Main author: Verganelakis D.A.

Keywords: Dosimetry, personnel, children, imaging, nuclear medicine

Poster No.: P-121

Title: Measurements of the Scattered And Leakage Radiation in Chest X-ray Facilities 

Main author: Malimban, J

Keywords: chest X-ray, radiation protection

Poster No.: P-122

Title: Assessment of Scattered Radiation in Computed Tomography (CT) Facilities with Multi-Slice CT Machines 

Main author: Manglona, P

Keywords: CT, radiation protection