Nuclear Medicine

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Poster No.: P-078

Title: System Spatial Resolution without Scatter (NEMA): Preparing for Measurement and Calculations on Gamma Cameras with Discrete Pixel Detectors 

Main author: Holzmannhofer, J.

Keywords: NEMA, discrete pixel detector, System Spatial Resolution, Gamma camera

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Poster No.: P-080

Title: Assessment of effective dose in hybrid imaging 

Main author: Tosi, G.

Keywords: Effective dose

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Poster No.: P-081

Title: A population-based and mixed model approach for enhancing iodine biokinetics in radioiodine therapy for hyperthyroidism 

Main author: Melgar J

Keywords: radioiodine dosimetry, hyperthyroidism, nonlinear mixed-effects model, population biokinetics, personalized dosimetry

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Poster No.: P-082

Title: New Software for Dosimetry in Radioiodine Therapy 

Main author: Karhan, P.

Keywords: nucelar medicine, radioiodine therapy, structured reporting

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Poster No.: P-083

Title: Kinetic modelling of [68Ga]Ga-DOTA-Siglec-9 in a porcine infection model 

Main author: Jødal, L.

Keywords: Kinetic modelling, Siglec-9, infection, PET, Ga-68

Poster No.: P-084

Title: Tests of down-scatter correction in simultaneously acquired Tc-99m perfusion and Kr-81m ventilation scans 

Main author: Bacher, T.

Keywords: lung, ventilation, scintigraphy, Krypton, simultan, down-scatter, correction

Poster No.: P-086

Title: Impact of Modality (2D Planar, 2D/3D Hybrid, 3D SPECT) on Kidneys Absorbed Dose in Lu-177-based PRRT 

Main author: Lehnert, W.

Keywords: dosimetry

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Poster No.: P-087

Title: Microspheres spatial distribution influence during yttrium-90 activity determination for liver radioembolization 

Main author: Santos J.A.M.

Keywords: Yttrium-90 microspheres, Radioembolization, Dose calibrator

Poster No.: P-088

Title: Optimization of Yttrium-90 Bremstrahlung imaging for evaluation of microspheres post-therapeutic liver radioembolization distribution 

Main author: Antunes, V.

Keywords: Radioembolization, Y-90 Bremsstrahlung, Medical Imaging, Reconstruction

Poster No.: P-089

Title: Calculations of specific absorbed fractions in organs of human body in nuclear medicine due application of 81mKr 

Main author: Zoran, J.

Keywords: voxel model, ORNL, MCNPX

Poster No.: P-090

Title: Optimalization of quantification of mandibular growth 

Main author: Kracmerova T.

Keywords: SPECT, mandibular growth, quantification, unilateral hyperplasia

Poster No.: P-091

Title: Investigation  of Cherenkov Imaging Using IVIS Bioluminescence  Scanner 

Main author: Alsheikh,H

Keywords: Nuclear Medicine

Poster No.: P-093


Main author: Kirill Skovorodko

Keywords: Radionuclide dose calibrators, quality control in nucear medicine, metrology, quality assurance

Poster No.: P-094

Title: Performance evaluation of Point Spread Function reconstruction algorithm on a new PET-CT TOF scanner 

Main author: Richetta, E.

Keywords: PET-TC, PSF, reconstruction algorithm, image quality, SUV

Poster No.: P-096

Title: Quantification of Non Small Lung Lesions in PET/CT Imaging - A Feasibility Study using Monte Carlo Simulator Incorporating Digital Anthropomorphic Phantoms 

Main author: Bouzid, B.

Keywords: NEMA 2007, GEANT4, GATE, PET/CT, NCAT

Poster No.: P-099

Title: Comparative assessment of three scatter correction techniques in 99m-Tc and 131-I planar imaging 

Main author: Savvidis, G

Keywords: imaging, nuclear medicine, scatter correction