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Poster No.: P-062

Title: Attract, retain and develop new nuclear talents beyond academic curricula - ENEN+ 

Main author: Pesznyak, C

Keywords: education, training, grant

Poster No.: P-063

Title: Value-based X-ray physics - a novel organizational model for Medical Physicists working in diagnostic and interventional radiology 

Main author: Sundvall, A

Keywords: Value-based healthcare, organisation, management, training

Selected for physical poster

Poster No.: P-064

Title: The role of the medical physics expert in the implementation of a dose management system 

Main author: Samara, E-T

Keywords: imaging, radiation exposure, risk management

Poster No.: P-065

Title: Revival of interest in nuclear sciences via the ENEN+ project and the perspectives of the Medical Physics community. 

Main author: Dimov, A.

Keywords: ENEN+, medical physics, nuclear sciences, perspectives

Poster No.: P-066

Title: History of Medical Physics - a Project Tracing the Development of the Profession 

Main author: Tabakov S.

Keywords: History medical physics, education, training

Poster No.: P-067

Title: 'Themedicalphysicistanswers' the Italian Association of Medical Physics (AIFM) website project at the service of the public. 

Main author: Stefania Delle Canne

Keywords: patient radiation protection,educational,patient awareness,web influencer