Diagnostic and interventional Radiology

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Poster No.: P-003

Title: Method using radiochromic films to measure the CT dose of female breast during SPECT/CT imaging 

Main author: Altimyat, S

Keywords: Diagnostic and interventional Radiology

Poster No.: P-004

Title: Measurement of entrance surface dose during chest X-ray examinations  in neonatal intensive care unit using OSL and TLD dosimeters  

Main author: Bakkari,M

Keywords: Diagnostic and interventional Radiology

Poster No.: P-005

Title: How much of patient dose is unjustified in CT head and abdomen exams? 

Main author: Papageorgiou, E

Keywords: CT head & abdomen, justification, unnecessary dose

Poster No.: P-006

Title: DRL's in mammography: results from 3 Dose Audits 

Main author: Roda, A

Keywords: dosimetry, mammography

Poster No.: P-007

Title: Patient Dose Management Systems. Our experience in the CT department 

Main author: Tsapaki

Keywords: CT, dose tracking, patient dose

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Poster No.: P-008

Title: Dose management program: long term results 

Main author: Tosi, G.

Keywords: Dose management

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Poster No.: P-010

Title: Radiation dose levels in digital mammography: a retrospective review in a South American imaging centre 

Main author: Ramirez, E.

Keywords: Digital Mammography; Radiation Dose; Medical Imaging

Poster No.: P-014

Title: Influence of image truncation on the calculation of Water Equivalent Diameter in Computed Tomography examinations 

Main author: An Dedulle

Keywords: CT, Water Equivalent Diameter, image truncation

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Poster No.: P-015

Title: Contrast of Dual Energy CT in Carotid Artery Analysis, A Phantom Study 

Main author: Christiani, R

Keywords: DECT, CT, CTA, Atherosclerosis, Imaging

Poster No.: P-016

Title: Performance of 3 CT Scanners: results from a 4 year period 

Main author: Roda, AR

Keywords: CT, quality control

Poster No.: P-018

Title: Computed tomography use in a large italian region:  trend analysis 2014-2014 of emergency and outpatient CT examination in children and adults 

Main author: Alberto Torresin

Keywords: Regional survey , Computed tomography , Paediatric exposure, Patient dose, Radiation protection

Poster No.: P-019

Title: Optimized tube voltage setting for contrast of the mammogram films 

Main author: Sawako Hiramatsu

Keywords: mammography

Poster No.: P-020

Title: The influence of phantom diameter on X-ray CT dose evaluation using radiochromic film 

Main author: Nobuyoshi Tanki

Keywords: CT, dosimetry

Poster No.: P-021

Title: Analysis and optimization of an interventional radiology procedure using a Radiation Dose Index Monitoring Software 

Main author: Colombo, P.E.

Keywords: radiation exposure, interventional radiology, optimization process

Poster No.: P-022

Title: Assessment of the detectability of a moving guidewire in fluoroscopically-guided procedures using a mathematical model observer 

Main author: Ryckx, N.

Keywords: Model observer, Fluoroscopy

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Poster No.: P-023

Title: Estimating patient peak skin dose with fluoroscopic procedures 

Main author: Hellström, M.

Keywords: skin dose, radiation dose structured reports, interventional radiology, dosimetry, modelling, database

Poster No.: P-024

Title: The enlightening of radiologists 

Main author: Sund, P.

Keywords: quality assurance, technology, imaging, display

Poster No.: P-025

Title: The use of RadLex playbook to manage CT big data: an Italian multicentre study 

Main author: Rottoli, F.

Keywords: CT, dosimetry, radiation exposure

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Poster No.: P-026

Title: Dose and image quality evaluation in computed tomography with an anthropomorphic phantom 

Main author: Elena Prieto

Keywords: Imaging, PET/CT 

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Poster No.: P-027

Title: Diagnostic Reference Levels for Computed Tomography Examinations of Adult Patients 

Main author: Ozsoykal, I.

Keywords: Diagnostic Radiology, DRLs, CTDIvol

Poster No.: P-029

Title: Development of a CT protocol management and review process 

Main author: Sjöberg, J

Keywords: CT, protocol management, quality assurance, management

Poster No.: P-033

Title: Evaluation, Comparison and optimization of the effects of manual versus software automated protocols on radiation dose and image quality in paediatric chest computed tomography 

Main author: Bellesi, L.

Keywords: Optimization, radiation dose, image quality, paediatric, CT

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Poster No.: P-034

Title: Implementation of a dose data collection software system: structure of data and CT preliminary results 

Main author: Bellesi, L.

Keywords: dose tracking ,CT, data collection, optimization, benchmark

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Poster No.: P-035

Title: Dose Optimization in Pediatric Interventional Cardiology 

Main author: Kollaros

Keywords: pediatric interventional cardiology, radiation exposure

Poster No.: P-036

Title: Comparison of the image quality of virtual monochromatic images generated by two different algorithms. 

Main author: Boso, C.

Keywords: CT, image quality, monochromatic

Poster No.: P-037

Title: Implementation of a new free-air ionization chamber as a primary air kerma standard for mammography radiation qualities 

Main author: Ketelhut, S.

Keywords: free-air chamber, primary standard, air kerma, dosimetry, mammography

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Poster No.: P-038

Title: Reduction of Patient Radiation Dose, Excellent Image Quality and Good Air Cleanliness in a Hybrid Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory: a Paradox? 

Main author: Ludo Vereecken

Keywords: cath lab, technology

Poster No.: P-040

Title: Variability of mammographic exam doses as a result of positioning and technique 

Main author: Ribeiro, A.

Keywords: mammography, mean glandular dose, imaging, radiation exposure

Poster No.: P-041

Title: Upgrading the regular X-ray radio-graphic units with tomosynthesis 

Main author: Kovalenko Y.

Keywords: technology, imaging, tomosynthesis

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Poster No.: P-042

Title: Single operator cholangioscopy reduces patient radiation exposure in the management of difficult bile duct stones and indeterminate bile duct structures: a single center comparison study 

Main author: Tsapaki V

Keywords: ERCP, patient dose

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Poster No.: P-043

Title: Dynamic contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging for evaluation of percutaneous transluminal angioplasty outcome in patients with critical limb ischemia: preliminary results 

Main author: Maris TG

Keywords: MRI, imaging, treatment

Poster No.: P-044

Title: Imaging Biomarker Analysis of Structural MR Images for Glioma Grading 

Main author: Vamvakas, A.

Keywords: MRI, radiomics, imaging, glioma grading, texture analysis, machine learning

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Poster No.: P-045

Title: Neonatal Brain: Contrast to Noise Ratio (CNR) optimization of T1-weighted (T1w) and T2-weighted (T2w) sequences at multiple 1.5T MRI systems, utilizing a neonatal brain tissue mimicking phantom 

Main author: Maris, TG

Keywords: neonatal brain, phantom, sequence optimisation, MR relaxometry

Poster No.: P-047

Title: Ultrasound Imaging: Towards Smaller Portable Systems using Signal and Image Processing Tools  

Main author: Porat, M

Keywords: Ultrasound, instrumentation, technology, imaging

Poster No.: P-048

Title: Comparison of breast radiation dose for digital breast Tomosynthesis estimated according compressed breast thickness by using breast phatom. 

Main author: Chia-Hui Chen

Keywords: breast Tomosynthesis,radiation dose

Poster No.: P-049


Main author: Kostou T

Keywords: CT, dosimetry, database, Monte Carlo, Gate

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Poster No.: P-050


Main author: Piai A.

Keywords: CT, mammography, quality assurance

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Poster No.: P-051

Title: Assessment of the CT image quality parameters on the edges of the field of view 

Main author: Gawel, J.

Keywords: CT, quality assurance, radiology,

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Poster No.: P-052

Title: Influence of X-ray field position on doses in organs and tissues for chest radiography 

Main author: Makarevich, K

Keywords: dosimetry, modelling, X-ray examinations, conversion coeffecients

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Poster No.: P-054

Title: Absorbed and Effective Doses from the Intraoral Dental X-ray Radiography 

Main author: Laurikaitiene, J.

Keywords: Intraoral radiography, Irradiation exposure

Poster No.: P-055

Title: The influence of scattered radiation on the dual-energy  x-ray absorptiometry 

Main author: Moura, F.

Keywords: DXA, scattered radiation

Poster No.: P-056

Title: Dose distribution from Computed Tomograghy in anthropomorphic phantom using Gafchromic XR-QA2 and TLD100H. 

Main author: Stella, G

Keywords: Gafchromic, TLD, Dose distribution, Spinal cord, dose patient

Poster No.: P-057

Title: Diagnostically-Preserving Compression of Ultrasound Images based on Adaptive Quantization  

Main author: Shira Nemirovsky-Rotman

Keywords: ultrasound,image compression

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Poster No.: P-059

Title: Analysis of metalic nanoparticles in patients with multiple sclerosis: quantification of brain lesions in MRI and evaluation by infrared microspectrometry 

Main author: De Oliveira, M.

Keywords: metallic nanoparticles, multiple sclerosis, MRI and FTIR

Poster No.: P-060

Title: The Effect of Technical Parameters in Practice on Abdominal and Computed Tomography (CT) Dose 

Main author: Wang, Y

Keywords: CT, technical parameters, radiation protection

Poster No.: P-061

Title: Calculation of beam quality parameters for x-ray mammography spectra: a Monte Carlo simulation study 

Main author: Atak, H.

Keywords: mammography, imaging, modelling, Monte Carlo, quality parameters

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